Kenya Kesho’s ideal world is a place in which all children realise their full potential in educational and leadership qualities. We ensure that children and adults are involved in all aspects of our work so that there is a beneficial contribution to the community in general. Basic learning and life skills are vital for children and adults to contribute to the development of the communities.

Improving Communities

Kenya Kesho works with children, their families, teachers and community elders to implement programmes at the grassroots level in education, hygiene, environment and water & sanitation projects.


Possibly the best chance of empowering children and young people – enabling them to change their lives for the better – is to provide them with the basic elements of education.

‘Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself’. John Dewey

An educated, informed child, in time, becomes an employable adult, who can, in turn, look after his or her family and break out of the cycle of poverty.

Over the years we have paid for secondary school, including books, uniforms, travel, exams, boarding and a small amount of pocket money to buy essentials and necessities for over 60 less wealthy children than ourselves. Kenya Kesho is also proud to have Iddi Shee Mwadarusi and Mwadarusi Kassim Omar as graduates through University. Iddi is a medical lab technician and Mwadarusi is a qualified teacher.


Born in August 1992, Idd Shee attended primary education in Tswaka and attained 380/500 marks in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education. Idd Shee joined Shimo La Tewa High School in 2006 and got grade B- in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. He has completed studying for a Diploma in Clinical Medicine at Kenya Medical College. Iddi Shee is now working in Northern Kenya under extreme circumstances and is enjoying the benefits of his hard earned degree.


Mwadarusi joined Kwale High School in 2008 and got grade C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.  He is currently teaching in a Secondary school after successfully completing studying for a Diploma in Education at Kababii Teachers College, courtesy of Kenya Kesho Trust.



We are always in need of enthusiastic volunteers who are looking to make a difference for our Kenya Kesho supported kids. Why not volunteer? It would give you a chance to see an exciting part of the world, give you a new lease of life and give you memories forever! You will bring your maturity, integrity, motivation and passion to really enthusiastic kids. Why not take a break in exotic Kenya? Volunteer now! You will travel outside your comfort zone, eat differently and become much more aware of a different world and lifestyle and learn to understand poverty.

Retire and Give

Did you ever do a gap year? No! Neither did we. A few years ago we had teachers John and Sheila here for 8 weeks. They had both just retired. At first they found the teaching extremely challenging and then it became a life-changing experience. A generous man forgets what he gives and remembers what he receives.